(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Read it and weep. The first thing you now see when you get off the Bedford Avenue stop is an A-frame sign offering $39.50 juice cleanses. In the window of the new Pressed Juicery on North 7th Street is a poster advertising a Vogue-branded superfood lemonade.

Yep. Hot on the heels of health-food franchises like Sweetgreen and By Chloe opening near the new Whole Foods and Equinox, a Los Angeles-based juice shop has plunked down right next to the L station.

The store joins Juice Press and the Salma Hayek-connected Juice Generation near the Bedford stop. Like those other cold-pressed juice chains, Pressed Juicery offers boring ol’ cleanses, but it also offers some fun novelties. Its “freezes” make for a vegan, gluten-free alternative to fro-yo, since they’re made with just fruit, nuts and vegetables, and clock in at 60 to 100 calories per serving. There are also hot drinks like an almond-milk latte made with beetroot powder, which isn’t as gross as it sounds. In fact, it tastes kind of like an horchata (you can add an espresso shot).

Founded in 2010, Pressed Juicery boasts about 60 locations on the East and West coasts, and in Las Vegas. This is the brand’s 11th New York store and its first in Brooklyn.

Pressed Juicery, 166 N. 7th St., nr. Bedford Ave., Williamsburg; 347-689-2331