On this National Day of Prayer, it’s important to remember that not everyone ascribes to one of the “Big Three” religions our president will honor when he tours Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican. Others find their spiritualism at places like Catland, the Bushwick repository for all things witchy and weird. If you want to keep the place strong in the face of newly empowered organized religion, you may want to chip into their latest fundraising efforts.

A few years ago, Catland launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a garden behind the store. Now that that’s up and running, the occult shop and bookstore has launched a new Indiegogo page that aims to raise $20,000 for what co-owner Melissa Madara says are some “long overdue renovations,” such as sound and temperature insulation. The shop also plans to launch a lending library, members of which will have access to “VIP rituals,” as well as a publishing arm to release zines, books, and tarot card decks. It also hopes to offer online courses from educators like Dakota Hendrix, a self-described “transgender wolfqueen witch-goddess” whose “Ask a Genderterrorist” videos can be found on YouTube.

If you’ve been to seances or tarot card readings at Catland, like we have, then you know this is a worthy cause. But in case there’s any doubt, the store has published a video in which, at the 3:40 mark, you can see what might be the greatest t-shirt of all-time. (It’s also shown below.) Hey, nothing against a “witch’s gift bag,” but can you please make this a donor perk?