(Courtesy of Max Brenner)

What, you thought we were going to leave it at the fried-chicken donut sandwich? Oh, hell no. We have still more blechtacular food to hip you to, starting with the Churro Taco Waffle that’s now available at Max Brenner. The Union Square chocolatier just launched a new dessert menu, and the star of the show is this self-described “Mexi-Waffle creation.”

The description: “Our classic home-made waffles, deep fried and rolled in sugar and cinnamon churro style, drizzled with chocolate sauce, folded like a taco, and filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It’s then topped with mixed berries, choco-pops and mint, and served with a flask of milk chocolate ganache.”

We now live in an age where you can get a Churro Taco Waffle at Max Brenner and then stroll over to ChikaLicious Dessert Club for some ConeCHURROS®.

Where ice cream and deep fryers are concerned, the madness doesn’t stop there. Mobile vendor Sam’s Fried Ice Cream recently opened a brick-and-mortar store at 37B Orchard Street, and is now crisping up orbs of black sesame ice cream, as well as other flavors.

What’s next? Edible fidget spinners?