(Photo courtesy of Grand Banks)

It’s almost yachting season, as the Trump administration would have it, or what we’d call boat-bar season. There’s good news and bad news on this front, fellow pleebs.

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. The Water Table, the Greenpoint-based former World War II Navy boat that gives truly enchanting dinner tours along the East River, has suffered a setback. A Facebook message posted yesterday broke the news.

We are heartbroken to report that our vessel, The Revolution, has been hit by a large tug boat while we were tied up dockside at our shipyard, preparing for our 2017 launch. The resulting damage will prevent us from opening for our typical cruise schedule this year. We are assessing what is possible while taking care of our beloved ship.

Now, the good news. Grand Banks, the stately wooden schooner that docks at Pier 25, has announced that it’s set to return to the shores of Tribeca on April 14 (just in time for the film festival!). That’s when it’ll start serving cocktails, with food service to follow May 1. In the meantime, you can check out this season’s menu online. Yes, the famous $25 lobster roll is back (and is now $27).

Keep in mind Grand Banks doesn’t leave the dock– if you want to suck down some crustacean on the open seas, you’ll have to climb aboard the more touristy North River Lobster Company, which resumes its hour-long tours out of midtown on April 14.

If you’re fine without fancy-ass lobster, Greenpoint’s own Brooklyn Barge will be back in May, according to its website. We hesitate to even tell you this because we really, really want that chill view of the skyline all to ourselves.

The barge’s Manhattan counterpart, the Frying Pan, is also prepping for a May return. The lightship-turned-hangspot’s Facebook page says it’ll be back in business at Pier 66 in Chelsea on May 1, and there’ll be some soft-opening days this month. We’ll let you know if we catch wind of them, since they’ll probably be your only hope of boarding the water-lovin’ watering hole without having to stand in line behind 50 dudes in popped collars.