Who says you have to score a $5,000 VIP pass or wait hours in “rush” lines to get the full film festival experience? At these two mini fests, you’ll get the indie flicks and the Q&As with local filmmakers without having to fly to freezing-ass Park City, Utah, and crash on someone’s floor for a week.

Make It Short
April 4, 7:30pm, Guadalupe Inn, 1 Knickerbocker Ave., East Williamsburg; tickets $10 with a $15 food minimum.
If you missed these shorts when they screened at the Bushwick Film Festival, catch them at East Williamsburg’s newish Mexican restaurant/venue Guadalupe Inn and then stick around for a Q&A with filmmakers like Benjamin Shweky, Catherine Fordham, Will Mayo, Dionna McMillan, Michael Litwak, and others. The folks at BFF promise the flicks will be “quirky, sweet, humorous, and sometimes flat-out weird.” Bushwick only has one dine-in movie theater (we’re looking at you, Syndicate), so take advantage of this makeshift one while it lasts.

Binge Watch
April 8, noon, at The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St., Meatpacking District; tickets $7.
Crystal Moselle, director of one of our fave Lower East Side documentaries,

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