(Photo: Nathan McCarley-O’Neill)

Jupiter Disco is already one of our favorite time warps, what with its Blade Runner-esque lighting, electronics that look like they were pilfered from a Soviet junkyard, and the 8-bit cocktail menu (and “safe space” disclaimer) scrolling on an old monitor behind the bar. Now they’re unleashing a retro happy hour to match.

Next week, the East Williamsburg bar and DJ den is debuting the first in a series of Wormholes menus, each of which will offer $8 cocktails associated with a specific time and place. Al Sotack, the former Death + Co bartender who opened the place late last year with Maks Pazuniak, was still priming his flux capacitor when we called him today and didn’t want to reveal much. But he did say the bar would be “spinning the dial on our time machine pretty frequently,” so you can expect the theme menus to change several times during the coming months.

(Photo: Nathan McCarley-O’Neill)

Without ID-ing any of the eras that will be explored, Sotack said he’s “always been enamored and influenced by the turn-of-the-century, silver-age cocktails, particularly in New York but in America in general.” He’s also spent time perusing Tom Bullock’s The Ideal Bartender, a 1917 book with recipes reflecting the bartender’s time in St. Louis and Louisville. (So, maybe Mint Juleps?) And he pointed to the 19th century, when there was more regional variation, and noted that “some people like Europe in the ‘30s.”

Personally, I wanted to know if he planned to travel back to the flavored martini craze of Sex in the City-era Manhattan. (I mean, if Harvey Wallbangers can make a comeback, why can’t the appletini?) Sotack issued a firm “can’t comment” on that.

Best to find out for yourself. The $8 Wormhole menu will be available at Jupiter Disco (1237 Flushing Avenue) from 6pm to 8pm daily.