(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Okay, so Girls is over. (And fuck you, everyone, for putting major spoiler photos at the top of your reviews of last night’s season finale. No, seriously, fuck all y’all!) But life goes on for one of our other fave shows about narcissists tripping over their egos as they struggle to make it in this cruel city. Difficult People has started filming its third season. Today the show is holed up at East Village restaurant San Marzano’s, which has once again transformed into Billy, Denise, Lola, and Nate’s place of “work,” D’s Cafe.

Last week, Julie Klausner posted a “spoiler free” shot from the set and told Instagram followers that everything was going “killer.” She promises season 3 will be “insane” when it launches August 8 on Hulu. More insane than Nathan Lane fisting a toilet?

For those who aren’t spoiler averse, Deadline reports that this season will feature Jonathan Cho as a dickish ad exec who becomes Billy’s “first real boyfriend.” Sure, it was fun watching Eichner do his “Billy on the Street” routine on Sesame Street, but we’re glad to see he’s back where he belongs, being the Oscar the Grouch of D’s.

According to Instagram snaps, others who’ll appear on season 3 include local cabaret star Mx Justin Vivian Bond and soap legend Susan Lucci.