The northwest corner of McCarren Park has become twice as see-and-be-sceney ever since the Maison Premiere folks opened Sauvage right across from the ever-popping Five Leaves (not to mention their new neighbor Pretty Southern, the fried chicken joint from Top Chef hunk Sam Talbot). Now the tiny triangle bounded by Bedford, Nassau, and Manhattan is getting a new hipster magnet: Alexandra Siwiec is transforming her old flatiron-shaped spot, Nights and Weekends, into a round-the-clock cafe and restaurant.

We’re told One Bedford should soft-open by next weekend, and will feature Colombian coffee from Williamsburg’s Devocion by day and Old World wines, aperitifs, “mid-century classic cocktails,” spiked coffee, and frozen punches by night. The kitchen will turn out “Gallic bistro fare” during the evenings. The late-night menu– served till 3am, god bless– will include caponata tacos, piadino and arancini.

Here’s a look at the dinner offerings, currently posted in the window. As for the address, well, you already know.