The first few days of Betsy DeVos’s tenure as education secretary have been, well, rather grisly (get it?). Protesters briefly blocked her appearance at Washington, D.C. school this morning. Meanwhile, over in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Colonial), everyone’s favorite deer-in-headlights face has made its way onto a subway ad for the Bravo show, Imposter. Note the “Alt-Right Punks Fuck Off” sticker affixed to the poster. Scrawled next to it is what’s clearly a message for Gavin McInnes, the “Western nationalist”, anti-feminist, anti-masturbation advocate whose recent appearance at NYU touched off a storm that ended in 11 arrests and some beef with Thurston Moore. Who knows whether McInnes will actually see this, since he recently moved from Williamsburg to the burbs. Either way, add it to the growing palimpsest of anti-Trump graffiti.