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The R&B legend now has his face supersized in spray paint on Avenue A, but that’s not all– he’s earned his own flavor. Every month, Mikey Likes It Ice Cream devotes their latest batch to a different icon— everyone from Urkel to LL to Elvis. For February, they’re honoring the season of love by featuring “the OG croonster” (per owner Michael Cole), known for transforming smooth jams into creamy red velvet. They call the concoction Never Too Much, because there’s never too much love, Mikey tells me.

The parlor has served the East Village soulful style and flavor for almost three years now with names like Black Street and Milli Vanilli. The creative edge doesn’t stop there. Owner Michael Cole wants to expand his enterprise into community-building, developing an entrepreneurial education program to teach skills to youth in the same neighborhood where he grew up. Cole started the business after serving six months in Rikers for marijuana sales. Now, he’s inspired to distribute a different product, and give people the positivity he says ice cream is all about. “Ice cream is a happy situation,” he says. “We want to bring you to a nostalgic moment where you can feel that.”

For Valentine’s season, Mikey Likes It is boosting the love vibes with a new special. Couples who come in and buy the ice cream sandwiches together– a Mac Daddy or Daddy Mac— enter the runnings to win a hot night out on the company dime. Mikey tells me about the couple that had their first date in the shop and then came back a few years later to show off their one-year-old. With Luther Vandross adorning the entry, it seems likely that Mikey could spark a few more romances…