A couple of days ago we issued an all-points SMH over the fact that hypebeasts were lining up to cop a Supreme-branded Metrocard. Turns out we weren’t the only ones shaking our damn heads at people selling them for $100 on eBay. Malkam Saunds, a Lower East Side denizen who also spotted people lined up at MTA vending machines like they were methadone clinics, decided to create a t-shirt making his feelings known.

Saunds is currently selling these Fuck Supreme Metrocard t-shirts via Instagram, at $95 a pop. He irons on the Supreme Metrocard and then embroiders the F-bomb atop it.

Malkam Saunds (Photos courtesy Malkam Saunds)

Make no mistake, this is a very homegrown operation. The 22-year-old musician got into embroidery at school, while growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, and began designing cheeky shirts (e.g. a turtleneck with “Cut it off” written on the neck) that got some attention from friends and social-media followers. Now he’s trying to break through by trolling Supreme and other brands. But just because he plans to pass by everyone lined up at the Supreme store while wearing a shirt, doesn’t mean he’s going to run around terrorizing the streetwear brand’s devotees like the original “Fuck Supreme” guy.

“I have love for Supreme,” Saunds insists, “I used to wear it a lot growing up, and I have a lot of skater friends. It’s not that I hate the brand, it’s the meaning of the brand. People think they’re flyest person just because they’re wearing a t-shirt with a box logo.”

And now we await the “Fuck the ‘Fuck Supreme Metrocard’ T-shirt” t-shirt.