(Photo: Jamieson Baker/Instagram)

(Photo: Jamieson Baker/Instagram)

By now you’ve seen the photos of the crowd of Yemeni business owners and supporters massed at Brooklyn Borough Hall to protest President Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. You’ve seen the signs of “BODEGA CATS GRAB BACK.” While all that went down, New Yorkers were leaving messages of solidarity on shuttered businesses.

Today, the outpouring continues. In the East Village, cultural organization Fourth Arts Block is inviting neighbors to fill out a card expressing thanks to local deli workers. “Let your guy know just how you feel about their awesome service,” reads the call for “much deserved gratitude.” Another photo shows the flowers, cash, and notes received by one business owner.

In Bushwick, artist Karmenife Paulino wrote on Instagram, “If anyone in Bushwick knows a deli that closed yesterday to protest, please let me know where they at cause today is payday and I want to hit them all up. New York City would be nothing without our local deli ppl.” Head over here to read all of her reasons why.

Here are some displays of solidarity from around the city, starting with Greenpoint.

There are over 1,000 Yemeni-American-owned small businesses in NYC. Today from 12-8 pm, they closed their doors to show opposition to Trump's ban (Yemen is one of the 7 countries affected by the ban), and engaged in an extremely peaceful protest and prayer outside Brooklyn's Borough Hall. Tonight, Ryan and I bought a token something at each of the businesses in the neighborhood that we'd seen close earlier. The best part of my night was seeing both doors of the bodega at Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenue literally covered in messages of support from our community, which were left for the owners as a surprise while the bodega was closed. I wish you could have seen how genuinely happy the owners seemed about the show of support. Sticking up for our fellow Americans matters, and I love my awesome and diverse community. This is the American Dream. #bodegastrike #nyc #manhattan #greenpoint #brooklyn #nobannowall #trump #yemen #iloveny #americandream

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#bodegastrike #timeoutnewyork #bayridge

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America at its best ❤ pictures from the #bodegastrike are stripping me of some residual cynicism. Energized

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My local bodega's closed in protest #respect #thankyou #bodegastrike

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Bodega solidarity shut down. 2017.

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Notes of support on the gate of a store closed due to the Bodega strike. #nobannowall #bodegastrike

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Notes of support on the gate of a store closed due to the Bodega strike. #nobannowall #bodegastrike

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I've never seen the gate down at my bodega. #bodegastrike

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My bodega. #bodegastrike #resist #nyc

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