(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

There’s currently a news van parked outside of the Supreme store, where 80 people are lined up literally around the block. While the usual hypebeasts wait in the cold to score the new Obama hoodie, Supreme aficionados have also been pouring into the Broadway-Lafayette subway station, a couple blocks away, in order to snatch up the Supreme-branded Metrocard, which dropped Monday.

This is definitely the first time I’ve used “drop” and “Metrocard” in a sentence that wasn’t “CRAP, I dropped my Metrocard and now a rat is eating it,” but trust, people are going crazy for this thing just because it has a Supreme logo on it.

The fervor got so intense– especially in Union Square, where cops tried to break up a large crowd yesterday afternoon– that the MTA interrupted its usual slew of #ServiceAlerts to announce last night that it was out of the cards.

Now $5.50 cards are going for as much as $130 on eBay. The thing is, unless you’re in Osaka right now and can’t get to a New York City subway station, there’s absolutely no reason to pay a premium for this thing. This is not a Billy Ripken “Fuck Face” card, people.

Around 4:45pm today I headed down to Broadway-Lafayette, one of several stations dispensing the pocket-sized plastic advertisement cum dealbreaker, and waited in line for just about ten minutes to buy a card out of the machine that’s stocked with them (it’s the machine all the way on the left, at the entrance near the northeast corner of Broadway and Houston). There were only a handful of people in line in front of me (truth is, I’ve seen worse lines for regular MetroCards during rush hour at Penn Station), but they were each buying two or three cards apiece.

An attendant who seemed baffled by the hubbub told us that the machine had just been replenished half an hour ago. He said that yesterday, people waited in line for hours just to find out there were no Supreme cards to be had, but all is running smoothly now.

Of course, this was an hour ago. For all I know the line has since grown to LaBeoufian proportions.