Roll up for the magical mystery tour and steal some magicians’ secrets next week.

TimesTalks: David Blaine
Jan. 18, 7pm, Florence Gould Hall, 55 East 59th Street, tickets $40.
Okay, so you may have gotten douchechills when New York immortalized David Blaine as a member of Leo DiCaprio’s “pussy posse” back in 1998. But trust, his ABC special Beyond Magic, now on Netflix, is worth watching if only to see Woody Allen nearly upchuck as the musclebound magic bro swallows a live goldfish and spits it back up it into a bowl. Even better is Ricky Gervais’s reaction, above, when Blaine (seemingly?) runs a needle through his arm.

Lately it’s been hard to distinguish Blaine from self-flagellators like Ron Athey, and his latest, near-fatal stunt of shooting a bullet into his mouth has convinced us he’s pretty much batshit cray. If you want to find out what the hell he was thinking or maybe say your last goodbyes, you’ll want to attend his TimesTalk next Wednesday. And if you want to find out whether Ricky Gervais has recovered from the arm thing, it just so happens that the Brit comedian is also doing a TimesTalk, on January 31.

Hall of Magic 
Jan. 20 to 29, 2pm to 10pm during weekdays and noon to 10pm weekends, William Vale Retail Center, 55 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg; tickets free.
Not going to lie, I’d love to snap my fingers and magically appear in Los Angeles, where it’s going to be 75 degrees and sunny next Tuesday. The first thing I’d do is try to score a dinner resy at the Magic Castle, the invitation-only mansion where magicians ply their craft at every turn. Lucky for those who aren’t bicoastal jetsetters, something vaguely resembling Magic Castle is coming right here to snowy New York. From January 20 to 29, the Syfy channel is setting up an interactive experience to promote its series The Magicians, based on Lev Grossman’s novels. As you wander through various rooms at the William Vale Hotel’s retail center, you’ll be able to photograph yourself levitating, cast spells, browse an apothecary full of potions, and learn some Gary Kasparov-esque mind control. Maybe make all this snow disappear, while you’re at it.