Sure, you could spend your New Year’s Eve in a confessional, but that would be a sin. Instead, why not head over to The Stone and kiss this miserable year goodbye with some real legends of downtown avant-garde.

If you missed Thurston Moore and John Zorn jamming at Rough Trade last month, here’s your chance to make up for it and then some. On December 31, at 8pm, they’ll again team up for some sax and guitar improv, but this time No Wave pioneer Ikue Mori, of DNA, will be chiming in on electronics. Cellist Okaying Lee will also be in the mix.

One thing to remember: The Stone is a very intimate space that doesn’t serve booze, so don’t roll in here expecting to chug bub. And, really, don’t bother quaffing champers beforehand, because the buzz’ll wear off while you wait in line in the freezing cold (there are no advance tickets). Luckily, this is an early show, so there’s plenty of time to get your mind bent and head to the next spot. Heck, you can even keep the party going until Thurston and his old Sonic Youth bandmate Lee Ranaldo read at St. Mark’s Church the next day.

If you haven’t been keeping up with John Zorn’s East Village performance space, this is definitely the time of year to fix that. December 29 and 30 mark the not-for-profit venue’s year-end improv nights, which double as fundraisers. Among those who’ll be jumping in over the course of the two nights are Zorn, Mori, saxophonist Chris Speed, Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase, guitarist Joe Morris, pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, and many more.

In the New Year, the improv fests continue with Zorn being joined by guests like Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) on the 1st, percussionist Cyro Baptista on the 2nd, and trumpeter Dave Douglas on the 3rd.

Keep in mind that every Sunday afternoon since July 5, an array of musicians have been helping Zorn premiere his latest 300-song collection, “Bagatelles” (and here you thought Stephin Merritt’s latest fifty-song effort was ambitious.) From December 29 through January 3, those performances will occur nightly, at 10pm, before they return to their regular weekly schedule. In short, if you made a Hannukah wish for a whole lot of Zorn, you got it.

Check out The Stone’s calendar for details.