While you’re giving everyone gift subscriptions to Vanity Fair in the name of Donald Trump, you might want to check out a magazine that launched just a few days ago. It’s called DRØME (Scandinavian-stlye slashed Os are totally trending) and it has already hipped us to a short film featuring Eric Wareheim as a mutant Haribo bear.

DRØME and its accompanying website were launched Friday by some Brown students who apparently decided to do the wunderkind tastemaker thing, a la Tavi Gevinson, and publish biannual editions dedicated to “showcasing the voices of queer and feminist artists on the rise,” per a press release.

Dromr+Cover+Rev5-1The first issue, which also features a Q&A with B+B faves Sofi Tukker, was curated by Caroline D’Arcy Gorman, a New York-based aspiring musician and actress who also happens to be the 20-year-old daughter of Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman. She was profiled by New York magazine when she was just 17, after her band Madness and the Film released a four-song EP.

Before you let the Wall Street connection turn you off, check out Gorman’s interview with East Williamsburg-based artist Carly Mark, which features stills from a video Mark made with Eric Wareheim, cult leader, gourmand, and co-creator of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.

If you’ve been wondering what Wareheim has been up to ever since making that bootylicious video for Greenpoint’s own Blonde Redhead, watch Mark’s video, “Good Buy Human,” which stars the artist as Candy Kong from Donkey Kong and Wareheim as a creepy Haribo bear. Created for Mark’s solo exhibit in Athens, Greece this past summer and only recently uploaded to Vimeo, this is easily Wareheim’s best candy pseudo-endorsement since “Rolo Tony Brown Town.”