a971cf8eef327002b2d8ec807edd8097By now you’ve heard that workers at Roberta’s received death threats after the restaurant got caught up in the batshittery of Pizzagate. The NYPD told DNAinfo that it had increased patrols around the pizzeria in order to prevent an incident like the shooting at Comet Ping Pong, in which a North Carolina man went looking for child sex slaves at the D.C. pizzeria and ended up firing off his AR-15. Given Roberta’s’ hilarious propensity for heavy-metal-type imagery that cheekily incorporates devil worship, the Illuminati, and other occult symbolism, it was only a matter of time before it got sucked into the false allegations about a Clinton-connected pedophile ring that engaged in Satanic ritual abuse. But what exactly is the case against Roberta’s? Here’s a look at some of what’s been thrown out there in the white-walled, rubber-lined corners of the internet.

1. In 2012, the Clintons ate at Roberta’s during a private event where “everything was being kept hush-hush,” according to Gothamist.

2. Roberta’s is an anagram for “aborters,” as noted in this YouTube video.

3. Roberta’s supposedly posted an image nodding to “The Secret Cult of the Pizza Eaters,” featuring Baphomet imagery that very vaguely recalls the logo of Goat Hill Pizza, another pizzeria that has been caught up in Pizzagate. “No one does this unless they’re worshipping this, a part of this,” raves the YouTuber. “And they’re rubbing it in your face and it’s just right there with the pedophile rings they’re connected to… This is Roberta’s, where the Clintons were going and eating and having a secret ceremony there.”

4. A Roberta’s invite used “pizza wizard” imagery similar to that of a mural on East Side Pizza, another Pizzagate pizzeria. (See the 47:38 mark of the above video.)

5. Roberta’s made a hoodie that said “Eat Pizza Not People.” (Accusations of cannibalism have also factored into Pizzagate. Never mind that the hoodie is trying to dissuade people from eating humans.)

6. The last page of a Roberta’s wine menu features this illustration:

7. Roberta’s has released “very strange advertising videos” such as the ones shown at the 17:40 mark of this video. They mention “pizza sorcery” and “super special secret magic pizza.” The YouTuber who reposted the ads speculates that the Illuminati and all their Satanic followers are dismissing Pizzagaters as conspiracy theorists in order to build up energy.

8. “The whole block is rotten,” according to one Reddit commenter. For instance, there’s a place called Hell Phone around the corner.

9. Burning Bush has “a whole section [dedicated] to Pizza and occult,” according to a Reddit commenter. (Note: Burning Bush is an Onion-esque parody news site.)

10. The appearance of Roberta’s doesn’t match the price point. “The most powerful people in the world going to a Pizzeria with an entrance that seem to lead to a heroin den,” one Voat commenter marvels. “That entrance is not a welcoming entrance.. it says son’t come in here. Then the place is very high priced it seems. Something else is going on in there.”

11. There’s “a lot of creepy stuff for a pizza joint,” including t-shirts featuring “dead people, or skulls” that indicate the pizzeria is “fully engulfed in the occult magic,” according to this YouTube video.

12. Their Tumblr contains “tons of creepy images,” including a rabbit clutching kids and child skeletons around a burning pentagram. The latter advertises spit-roasted “chicken,” which some have speculated is the Pizzagate ring’s code for child.

13. There’s an ATM outside of the place– “for the elites to take out some quick Kiddie Cash,” one Voat commenter speculates.

14. On Google Maps street view, teddy bears and upside-down crosses can be seen hanging from the wires outside of Roberta’s.

15. Roberta’s served pizzas at The Verge’s lounge at Panorama Festival. The Verge’s logo resembles a symbol that, according to an FBI memo, represents “boy lover” among pedophiles.

16. They collaborated with Mishka, which means “teddy bear” in Russian.

17. That $700 pentagram tank top. “Who pays $700 for a mesh tank top?” a Voat commenter asks. “Maybe they throw something or someone in to sweeten the deal.”

Of course, it’s hard to know which of these points have been advanced in earnest and which are an act of trolling. Certainly, not everyone thinks Roberta’s is a hotbed of Satanic evil. “You guys are hilarious,” writes one commenter who goes on to say, “The only crime going on in Bushwick is rich white gentrifiers smoking weed, doing graffiti, and blowing their parents money. You guys need to get out more.”