A 4DX theater in Bogota. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

A 4DX theater in Bogota. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Used to be, when a new Star Wars movie came out, the only decision you had to make was, well, whether to let George Lucas exploit your childhood nostalgia yet again– but also, whether to watch it in 2D or 3D. These days, however, you can dine, recline– everything short of watching the flick in hologram form. Here are the various ways you can see Rogue One around town, and how much it’ll cost ya.

While on an amusement park ride, $28.75.
Regal Union Square Stadium 14East Village.
Back when I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 4DX, I had to do so in Bogota, Colombia. Now, just in time for Rogue One, New Yorkers can get tossed around in their hydraulic seats during that throwback X-wing attack scene. The immersive experience also features scents, wind gusts and water sprays, so you can smell Jedha smoldering.

Tucked under a blankie, with a liquid-nitrogen cocktail, $32.
iPic Fulton Market, South Street Seaport.
No, this is not a #Netflixnchill situation. Snag a VIP ticket at the absurdly posh iPic theater in Fulton Market and you can order a cheese and charcuterie board right to your seat, where pillows and blankets await. You can also order a liquid nitrogen cocktail that looks like the sort of thing that Darth would quaff. But don’t order too many. With drinks priced at $20, you may find your bill ballooning to Lucasfilm proportions.

While drinking out of a souvenir pint glass, $15.10.
Alamo Drafthouse, Downtown Brooklyn.
Hot on the heels of its Gremlins tiki mug madness, Alamo is bundling its Rogue One tickets with limited-edition pint glasses designed by illustrator Martin Ansin. Not that you have to drink beer here– Brooklyn’s new dine-in theater also offers cocktails and bottomless cane-sugar soda or iced tea. Don’t talk or text unless you want a lightsaber to the face.

Archie Bunker-style, $19.60.
Regal Battery Park Stadium 11
Okay, the seats at iPic also recline, but maybe you don’t want to shell out $32 for the privilege. In that case, get thee to Battery Park and reserve a seat at the Regal. At $19.60, the seats are still pretty pricy, but in our experience, this is one of the chiller chain theaters in town, so at least you won’t have to fight the crowds like Jyn trying to survive a Rebel bombing raid.

On the really big screen, $21.49 to $25.99.
AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13.
If you want to see Rogue One in IMAX, you can either head over to the Loews on West 34th Street, or– our recommendation, if you don’t mind paying a little extra– trek a bit further uptown for the even larger IMAX screen at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13.

Ef it and just watch Spaceballs at home.

May the schwartz be with you!