Leonora Russo, the “Queen of Williamsburg,” has died at the age of 91, after 68 years in the neighborhood. She’ll be remembered this evening at Arthur’s Funeral Home in Greenpoint, DNAinfo reports.

In a neighborhood that has become synonymous with change, Russo was a longtime fixture, holding court on Bedford Avenue and making small-talk with friends and strangers alike. Her flamboyant fashion sense attracted attention from New York magazine and The L. “I love this neighborhood,” she said in her Look Book spread. “If I was to move from here, I would be lost. People sit down and talk with me, we have coffee. We have cake. A little luncheon sometimes. We debate each other’s problems. They call me the mayor ’cause I know everyone.”

That was evident when we spent a day with Russo almost exactly three years ago. (Watch the video above.) She told us, “My son died here, my husband died here, I’ll die here.”

Composer William Basinski wrote about her on Facebook: “She was a natural entertainer, an incredible singer with perfect pitch and could easily be encouraged to give advice or break out into one of her hilarious vaudeville era songs. She always wanted to go to Hollywood, but Hollywood came to her in her later years.”

Needless to say, remembrances poured in via social media.

The #queenofwilliamsburg in all her glory #leonorarusso

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Up rose Lenore as the red morn wore From weary visions starting; Our wise and beautiful Lady of the street We shall so miss your departing 2 loving men of might, In fair Brooklyn waged uncertain fights And have long been waiting from afar. The Empress of the promenade Mile , bedford always had a smile now at long last you will be sleeping But there are so many who will be keeping …your martial throng, with laugh and song, Spoke of dresses , roses , and all the lovers that rode along, clanks and whispers came all their ranks and hipsters Now the trumpets sound while our wheels will tear and move around here and there all along your ways, old men , young boys, the ladies and their toys.. the gallant bands now gaze; A sad child turns the page We are trembling but we’ll press on some more how we’ll always miss your smile … sweet dreams Lenore. – #LeonoraRusso #queenofwilliamsburg #restinpeace #brooklynborn #lenore Original poem “the ballad of Lenore” was written in german by Gottfried August bürger in 1773

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