Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 12.10.55 PMHave you heard the one about the mom who decided to shake off her post-election blues by taking a walk through the woods in Chappaqua, only to bump into Bill and Hillary Clinton, walking their dog? The resulting photo has swept the internet, and offered some degree of solace to Clinton supporters. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders die-hards are probably thinking, “Boy, I wouldn’t mind running into Bernie somewhere. I bet that guy could use a hug, too.” Don’t worry, Berners– you needn’t go trekking through the woods of Vermont to make it happen. (“Oh, hi, Bernie! I was just here for some maple syrup.”) This Monday, the candidate will be at the Barnes & Noble at 555 Fifth Avenue, in Midtown, posing with fans who’ve bought a copy of his new book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

That’s right, dude actually had time to write a 464-page book while doing his job as congressman, campaigning for Hillary, and smh-ing all the supporters who accused him of selling out. We’re assuming he cribbed pretty heavily from those rally speeches. Sure, you could buy the e-book just to search how many times he uses the word “billionaires,” but if you want to meet the man who inspired the muppets, you’ll have to buy a signed copy of the physical book at B&N starting at 9:30am on Monday. That’ll get you a wristband to access the 7:30pm event, so you can pose with the guy (sorry, no selfies– there’ll be a professional photographer on hand).

If Hillary Clinton’s crowds at B&N are any indicator, there’s going to be a hell of a line, so if you have to make chit-chat with Bernie, limit yourself to one question (and don’t expect direct eye contact). Keep in mind, there are some questions he has already answered, including “Who should be DNC chair now that the party is in shambles?”, “Will you run in 2020?”“How could Trump win? Are you going to work with him?”, and “Would we have won if you had been nominated?” Hell, he answered that last one back in August.

Of course, if you’re a Clinton supporter, you might have something else to ask him.