Watch Argento’s Suspiria in a New Venue Decked Out Like the Ballet Academy From Hell

With not one but two horror film festivals coming up, you’re going to have to make some serious viewing decisions. Make sure to factor this in: Dobbin St, a new event space in Greenpoint, is launching its public programming with a screening of Dario Argento’s Suspiria, and they’re going all-out to replicate the creeptastic vibe of the 1977 classic, right down to live music inspired by the spine-tingling soundtrack.

If you have any doubt that a place that’s normally used for hip weddings can replicate the gothy grandeur of the Tanz Dance Academy, where all manner of grisliness transpires in Susperia, just take a look at photos of the onetime auto body garage. There’s two levels, balconies, 22-foot ceilings, and even a hidden courtyard that’ll be put to good use during the screening. Andy Smith, one of the organizers of the event, tells us they’re even bringing in cots and beds to evoke the dorm where Suzy Bannion, the film’s ballet-student protagonist, gets put up, much to her chagrin.

(Courtesy of Dobbin St)
(Courtesy of Dobbin St)

Don’t worry, while team Dobbin St is doing its best to evoke the “look, tone and feel” of the film, there won’t be any maggots falling from the ceiling (spoiler alert). “It’s not like a haunted house,” Smith made clear. “I don’t want to give the wrong impression—it’s more of a sort of happening to celebrate this film and invite people into the space.” But seriously, careful not to fall off that roof deck.

(Courtesy of Dobbin St)
(Courtesy of Dobbin St)

To that end, Smith, whose previous ventures include bygone DIY venue Bodega, and his colleague, filmmaker and restaurateur Terry Walshe, tapped The Nouveau Classical Project, an ensemble that’s no stranger to these sorts of hybrid projects, to come up with some music inspired by the film. They’ll be performing it before the screening. If you’re not familiar with Italian prog rock band Goblin, which wrote and performed the film’s original score, drop everything you’re doing and check them out now. They’re stuff is right up there with John Carpenter and Alan Howarth when it comes to the sort of creepy-funky ‘70s horror soundtracks that have inspired current-day bands like Perturbator.

If your Halloween dance card is already full, don’t worry: Though Dobbin St remains primarily an events venue (snowboard designer Burton recently put on a Fashion Week event there), Smith says he and his colleagues are talking about partnering with other neighborhood entities to put on more events involving film and performance.

“Suspiria,” Oct. 27, 7:30pm (doors at 6:30pm) at 64 Dobbin St., bet Norman Ave. and Berry St., Greenpoint; tickets $5 (cash bar).

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