(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Our love of geodesic domes is such that we’re willing to travel uptown for them, so imagine our excitement when we noticed a trio of them being erected at the corner of Varick and Canal, near the Holland Tunnel. OMG, could these be the orgy domes of the future? A new pied–à–terre for Jack White’s brother? The latest iteration of PS1’s art dome? A long-overdue Buckminster Fuller museum?

IMG_8886For better or worse, it’s none of the above. The project has been fenced off and kept tightly under wraps during its construction, but we spotted a clue on a tool box marked with tape that said “Mars NY.” No, it’s not the return of Mars 2112, the space-themed restaurant in Times Square. Turns out, these domes are for an “immersive activation” to promote Mars, a forthcoming National Geographic docudrama series.

According to a teaser on Facebook, “recruits will step into the year 2033 and be challenged to follow in the martian pioneers footsteps, via a cable robot virtual reality simulator and more.”


Unfortunately that’s all the information we have, since a rep for the show says further details are under embargo until next week. We’re guessing at least one of the domes will reproduce the dome habitat in Hawaii that Mars simulators recently lived inside of for a year.

The activation will run from October 26 to 29.