Men at work! (Photo: Katherine)

Men at work! (Photo: Katherine Barner)

Last time we checked in with the second location of Tompkins Square Bagels, it was set to open in June. But it wasn’t until last night that we saw new signage up on the former Open Pantry space. Owner Christopher Pugliese tells us he’s now aiming to open at 184 Second Avenue sometime next month.

“I’m hoping by mid-October, it’ll be good to go,” he told us today. “It’s been a long process because the building was really old, but we’re winding down so I think it’s safe to say probably October 15.”

The new TSB location will have a similar set-up as the original, so you can see the bagels being made in the big ovens. If you’ve stood in line for a mac-and-cheese bagel at the Avenue A location on a busy Saturday morning you’ll be happy to know that this shop has three large skylights toward the back, for your viewing pleasure.

In the spirit of the shop’s location on what was once Yiddish theater row, Pugliese hopes to try out some classic Jewish staples, like whitefish, babka, rugelach, and knishes. There will be some new cream cheese flavors as well, like sea salt caramel. Mmmm…

Pugliese also happens to be good friends with Scot Rossillo, aka owner of The Bagel Shop aka creator of the famous rainbow bagel, and Rossillo is going to design a special bagel in celebration for the new store. They’re tossing around ideas and haven’t settled on one yet, so stay tuned. I’m sure it will be exquisite.