(Photo from @BruceSpringsteen)

(Photo from @BruceSpringsteen)

Bruce Springsteen fans lined up outside the Union Square Barnes & Noble earlier today for a chance to meet The Boss and score a signed copy of his new memoir, Born to Run. The event was scheduled to begin at noon, but a photo from Bruce Springsteen’s Twitter account showed that a sizeable crowd had already gathered before 10am. No surprise given that tickets for the meet-and-greet were going for $1,500.

After waiting on line, Springsteen devotees at Union Square got a few moments of face time and a quick photo with the rock icon.

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Springsteen began the writing process after performing at the Super Bowl in 2009, a topic he covers in the book. Vanity Fair published a brief excerpt discussing the Super Bowl show in its new cover story on Springsteen:

Fifteen minutes . . . oh, by the way, I’m somewhat terrified. It’s not the usual pre-show jitters, not “butterflies,” not wardrobe malfunction nervousness, I’m talking about five minutes to beach landing, “Right Stuff,” “Lord Don’t Let Me Screw the Pooch in Front of 100 Million People,” “One of the biggest television audiences since dinosaurs first screwed on earth” kind of terror.

The memoir is being billed as a revealing look at Springsteen’s personal life and inner turmoil, including passages touching on his struggles with depression. Springsteen wrote Born to Run over seven years with no ghost writer or collaborator.

The Boss launched his book tour Tuesday with an event in Freehold, N.J. Some fans reportedly camped outside in line the night before to ensure an encounter. No word on whether any Trump-supporting Bruce fanatics are holding out on the book tour after Springsteen called their guy a “moron” in Rolling Stone last week.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who got to meet Bruce at Union Square, you can still watch a livestream of his appearance at the Apple Store in SoHo tonight at 7pm.