unnamedWe thought it couldn’t get any better than A Place to Bury Strangers doing a show at Brooklyn Bazaar’s trippy new location, but this just upped our anticipation for Halloween weekend: The folks behind the massive BangOn! art raves just announced that this year’s Warehouse of Horrors is on for Oct. 29, and will take place at a new warehouse location featuring 30-foot-ceilings, two music stages, a Silent Disco, local food vendors, a bouncy house, and a “flesh-suspension zipline show.”

Wait, WHAT?? We called up Daniel Leinweber, director of marketing and PR at BangOn! and a contributing photographer at B+B, to find out what exactly a “flesh-suspension zipline show” will entail. Will Ron Athey be involved? Leinweber couldn’t tell us much more, other than to promise there’d be interactive performers along the lines of the ones at the insane Elements Festival that BangOn threw in Red Hook last month. He did reveal that the party’s secret location will be a never-before-used space in East Williamsburg that’s larger than The Wick (where last year’s Halloween party was held) and comparable in size to the party’s previous warehouse locations. As in, they’re expecting some 3,000 to 4,000 people.

The lineup won’t be announced until Sept. 23, but you’ll save $15 if you buy tickets now. Entry is $50—so, not cheap—but if you’re looking for a fright, trust us, we’re still haunted by the creepy naked guy we saw in BangOn’s haunted house a couple of years back.