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Now that you’ve relived the cringiest moments of the ’80s via the roast of Rob Lowe, it’s time to have a good laugh at the ’90s. And what better way to do that than by throwing a surf board in the back of your Porsche Speedster, directing it to Theatre 80, and seeing 90210! The Musical!. Oh, yes. The comedic duo that previously created maniacal musical tributes to Saved by the Bell, Full House, and Showgirls (not to mention that Cats/Kardashians mash-up) are now roasting Aaron Spelling’s demon spawn, the kids of Beverly Hills High School.

They promise to address several questions that not even the WB’s awful reboot of 90210 could answer.

Can Brandon and Brenda be 90210 cool? Who would win the 1993 Sideburn Contest: Dylan McKay or Brandon Walsh?! Who dies at the Peach Pit?! Will Steve Sanders be eaten by a Sharknado?! Who has resting Brenda face?! IS ANDREA ZUCKERMAN POOR AS HELL?! Can Emily Valentine kick her crippling UE4A addiction in time to burn down the school?! Will Tori Spelling graduate?!

Really, the only question left is, When are these guys doing to do a Dawson’s Creek musical parody?

90210THEMUSICAL_KELLY STEVEOkay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Their current production features songs like “New Kids in Town,” “We Are Drama Zombies!,” “Ballad of the Kid Who Accidentally Shoots Himself,” and “Will Tori Spelling Graduate?” There’s even a musical tribute to the Peach Pit, which, to put it in Saved by the Bell terms, was the Max of 90210. 

If the drug freakout in the SBTB musical was any indicator, the highlight of the show will be “U4EA IS A REAL DRUG, REALLY,” a reference to the episode where everyone goes to an “incredibly hip underground club” and Emily spikes Brandon’s drink with a hallucinogen. Hey, if special K can make a musical comeback, why not U4EA?

Look at the shot above to decide for yourself whether the cast members (most of whom have starred in Bob and Tobly McSmith’s previous musicals) make for a convincing cuddle puddle.

“90210! The Musical” at Theatre 80 at 80 St. Marks Pl. starting Sept. 8; performances Thursday at 8pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; tickets $25.50-$35.50.