856534_3ede7c3ddb6647aca177a7ddc50ac139More Asian sweets came to St. Marks Place yesterday as 10Below Ice Cream opened on the block between First and Second Avenues. The shop’s specialty is Thai-style rolled ice cream, in which custard is spread onto a plate, topped with sauce and mix-ins, and then rolled into neat little tubes. Sort of like crepes, but the hot plate is freezing cold.

Jennifer Yu of 10Below told us they decided to add an East Village store to their current ones in Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and Flushing because “we regularly frequent the neighborhood on our own for a wide variety of restaurants and bars that we love, and it’s a hotbed for different types of Asian-influenced cuisine and eats.”

That’s for sure. Earlier this summer, another shop serving the increasingly ubiquitous rolled ice cream, Lab-321°, opened a block away on St. Marks and immediately got slapped with a cease and desist from Williamsburg-based -321° Ice Cream Shop.

img_5070.jpgYu said there hasn’t been any trouble from the competition so far. “We take pride in our 10Below promise to roll out unique flavors that we created from the start of our inception last year as the first dedicated ice cream roll shop in New York,” she wrote in an email.

A year ago, BuzzFeed gushed about the shop’s “insane,” “mesmerizing” ice cream and posted a photo of a line for the original Mott Street location that stretched down the block. Yu said Cookie Monster (Oreo) and Matcha Made in Heaven (green tea and blueberry) were among the popular flavors that would be rolled and sold in the East Village.

Between the rolled ice cream, snowcream, Big Gay soft-serve, and the traditional stuff, the East Village may just be the ice cream capital of the world. Too bad it’ll soon be 10-below out.

10Below, 42½ St. Marks Place; open daily from 11am to 10pm.

Reporting by Luisa Rollenhagen.