mozMopers of the world unite! A Morrissey dance party is coming to Littlefield, in Gowanus, on Saturday, Sept. 24. Okay, you’re probably lamenting: “But I haven’t got a stitch to wear.” Well, may we suggest the new Garbage Pail Kids sticker that portrays Meaty Morrissey in the grips of a nightmarish meat-and-greet? (Hey, it was either that or a double-decker bus crashing into Moz.)

Take Me Out Tonight: A Morrissey / The Smiths Dance Party (not to be confused with the Morrissey party that used to be at Sway and is now at Rumpus Room) is brought to you by the folks at The Skint and Feeling Gloomy, who used to put on a weekly gloom-and-doom dance party at Grand Victory before that venue was, well, doomed.

For the Morrissey-fest, Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom will spin Moz as well as kindred spirits like David Bowie, The Cure, and Pulp. If that makes you wanna yell “hang the DJ,” don’t worry: There’ll be a hairdresser that presumably specializes in pompadours, a selfie booth, a lip-synch contest, and special drinks like the Johnny Marraschino, named after Moz’s guitarist Johnny Marr. Sounds like just the way to drown your sorrows if you didn’t manage to snag tix to Morrissey’s sold-out show that same night at Kings Theatre.

Let us know if you see Chloe there.