Sundays With Ana: Maximum Minimalism
Sunday August 7, 8 pm at Over the Eight: FREE 

This long-running monthly show, hosted by Ana Fabrega, has a rotating theme and guest list each month. This time around, the theme is “Maximum Minimalism” or what Fabrega promises will be a show with “no bells or whistles,” just “a simple night of comedy/performance.”

As with most comedy Fabrega does, there’s almost definitely something else there—what it might be, however, is anyone’s guess. The performers for this month’s show include standup Eliza Hurwitz and Nightcap host Ikechukwu Ufomadu.


Komedy at Kinfolk
Wednesday August 10 , 8 pm at Kinfolk: FREE

Mike Abrusci and Diego Lopez are hosting a night of comedy at the Kinfolk 94 bar—so, you know, they are very hip.

The bill includes a ton of New York’s best comedians, including Brendan Eyre and lovable weirdo Joe Pera—both of whom recently had their Late Night debuts—as well as Marie Faustin and “more.” Not much more to say about this one other than the fact that all the hip Williamsburg people are going to be there. Inevitably, that means your very presence there’s going to make you cooler too.



(Via Masters of Mumblecore)

(Via Masters of Mumblecore)

Masters of Mumblecore 
Friday August 12, 8 pm at Annoyance Theater: $10 

Movie-lover/comedian Ryan Douglass (ZipCar documentary, a 2001 Taco Bell commercial) is hosting a comedy show inspired by the great midnight-movie hosts of old, like Svengoolie, Son of Svengoolie and the Simpsons Svengoolie parody, Booberlla. Probably other inspirations, too.

In the tradition of those ardent film critics, Douglass will be screening clips from the micro-budget horror film “Collinsville (2003)” and is inviting some of his favorite comedians, including Bardia Salimi and Alyssa Stonoha, to do characters and songs based on the “shit show” happening on screen. Douglass also promises to “dress up like a vampire,” so that’s a total can’t-miss.


Beautiful Horses 
Saturday August 13, 10:30 pm at the Annoyance Theater:$5 

This Annoyance Theater monthly favorite is hosted by Anthony Oberbeck and Danny Groh and regularly features some of the best up-and-coming performers around the city. After doing this show for many months, Oberbeck and Groh have decided to start giving it a monthly theme, the first of which is simply “drugs.” Here’s to starting strong. This month’s guests include Annoyance regulars Brett Davis (The Special Without Brett Davis) and Sandy Honig (IFC’s The Annoyance Presents) as well as New York stand-up Blair Socci (MTV’s Ladylike). If that’s not enough to pique your interest, then Oberbeck says you should know that “Danny Groh is a monster and this show is the most incredible thing you will ever witness.” No word yet on whether Groh or any of the other performers are going to be doing their sets super high, but one can make an educated guess.