(Photo: Alamo's FB)

Alamo NYC’s lobby mural. (Photo: Alamo’s FB)

Ever since Tim League revealed that he was opening an Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn this summer, we’ve been waiting for an exact opening date with baited breath, with only some enticing details about the menu to tide us over. But wait, what’s this? On the Fandango app right now, it says that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is screening there on September 1. Could it be that Alamo will finally be open by then? After all, the Fandango listing even lets you reserve seats, offering a glimpse into the layout of one of the theaters.

Alas, it looks like this is merely some kind of glitch. The first clue is that the screening is at 6:15 a.m., and though plenty of New Yorkers will line up at that hour to munch popcorn with Shia LaBeouf, we’re guessing they aren’t going to do it for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. But just to be sure, we badgered a publicist, who told us, “That’s definitely not the opening date — it hasn’t been announced yet.” (Update, 4:55 p.m.: The Fandango app no longer allows you to choose the showtime and a message on Fandango’s site now says, “Ticketing is currently disabled for this theater.”)

Indeed, in response to the 5 billionth person to ask him, League said last week on Facebook, “We don’t have a date set yet, but I can tell you that we are close. We are ready to go but are just waiting on final fire inspections.”

In the meantime, the cinema has posted a photo of one of its theaters (below).

(Photo: Alamo's FB)

(Photo: Alamo’s FB)

Another fun tidbit about Alamo NYC: it’ll have indoor bike racks– one in the lobby and another at upstairs theater level. League announced this after he got his bike stolen on Friday night. (Welcome to New York!) “Pestilence and misery to all punk-ass bike thieves,” he wrote on Facebook. Amen to that.

Correction: A photo of a bar was removed from this post because the bar did not belong to the Alamo Drafthouse NYC as stated.