(Photo: Courtesy of Nick McManus)

(Photo: Courtesy of Nick McManus)

Secret Loft, your go-to stop for sort-of secret dance parties, comedy shows, and concerts, has finally moved out of their Bushwick location at the McKibbin Lofts. In order to celebrate their move to another, as of yet undisclosed location, co-organizers Chris Carr and Alex Neuhausen threw one last massive bash this past Saturday to send the old space off in style.

Carr, who founded Brooklyn Wildlife, an events platform that showcases local artists and performers, said that he and Neuhausen had decided to move on from the McKibbin Lofts after setting up residence there for over three years. “It was basically time, in terms of growth and having a place that’s more accommodating of our long-term goals,” he explained. “All of us are more interested in having a more stable way to have mixed events. At some point you need an actual venue, a commercially viable space where you can have four, five loud events a week.”

For those of you who aren’t up to date on your underground parties/concerts/general cool-people events, Secret Loft has been providing Bushwick with quality, under-the-radar shows for a number of years now. They’ve been known to host random costume parties, concerts, and a monthly stand-up event called the Secret Loft Show, which always features a post-show dance party and the never-failing bait of free pizza.

For Neuhausen and Carr, the desire to expand their operations played a significant role in leaving the McKibbin space behind. “We also wanted to be able to host events more frequently. At McKibbin, we had a good relationship with our landlords and neighbors, with the understanding that we’d only do one comedy show and one party a month. This meant we were constantly turning down booking inquiries from bands, DJs, and promoters,” Neuhausen explained. “Our new space is better isolated from our neighbors.”

Neuhausen added that a recent listing in Time Out New York revealed Secret Loft’s location and brought more publicity, which brought many new bodies into their already-strained space. “The membership on our Facebook page doubled over the course of a week [after the listing]. The last three comedy shows have reached full capacity and we had to turn people away. We have to consistently raise the cover charge at our parties to keep down attendance. We wanted to be able to host more people,” Neuhausen wrote in an email.

Although Carr didn’t want to reveal too much about the Secret Loft’s new space, he did say that it was bigger than their previous location on McKibbin Street, and will still be in Bushwick.

Carr and Neuhausen came up with the idea to theme their last party as an ode to their most popular events of the past three years. “When we realized that it was going to be our final show, we thought about how we can do something that won’t get the space destroyed, but that people can still have a good time,” Carr said.

This meant that people were free to choose their favorite Secret Loft party theme, which included: Halloween, The Cat Costume Party, Jurassic Party, Flight Risk, GLAM, Fishnets and Ice Cream, Under the Sea, Rocky Horror Picture Party, Bushwick Beach Party, Short Shorts, Kink Valentines, Ugly Sweater Party, and The Hip Hop Christmas Pageant.

Accompanying all the costumed shenanigans were nine musical acts, including sets by rapper Hilla The Killa, Shane MauX, and indie-electro band Lilly Wolf (of which Neuhausen is part of).

While the new venue is already set up and ready to go, Carr said that no events have been planned just yet, but to keep an eye out and an ear ready for any whispers (or Facebook posts).