(Flyer courtesy of Shark Party Media)

(Flyer courtesy of Shark Party Media)

As part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, happening in two weeks in Park Slope, comedian Eliot Glazer is taking his popular show, Haunting Renditions, to the Bell House. The Sept. 17 event is part comedy show/part karaoke show in which comedians take on the vapid, popular music hits of today with the help of a backing band and reimagine them in order to “find new, deeper meaning in otherwise lightweight compositions.”

Basically it’s like a more judgmental (and probably funnier) version of Carpool Karaoke. Joining Glazer on this installment of the show are comedians Ilana Glazer and Jon Glaser. Glazer, Glazer and Glaser will—oh jeeze. I am honestly not even sure which one the host is anymore. Wow, ok we’re gonna have to suss this whole thing out.

Eliot Glazer is a stand-up and comedian who also happens to have a classically trained voice. He works on New Girl and performs in L.A.—great, easy enough to remember.

Ilana Glazer is an actress and comedian best known as one of the creators and stars of Broad City. Ok that much I get, yes—she is the one on Broad City. She also does stand-up (ok getting murky again) and is real-life siblings with Eliot Glazer (no, stop it!), who also happens to play her character’s brother on Broad City. Crap. Ok, well Ilana is the creator-star and Eliot is the guest star. I’m sorry if that’s reductive, but that’s the only way to keep things straight.

Jon Glaser is an actor and comedian who has written for shows like Inside Amy Schumer and Late Night with Conan O’Brien and was the creator and star of Delocated. Damn, damn, damn! Another creator-star? What the hell, guys.

Ok, Glazer, Glazer and Glaser. Or Glazer, Glazer and Glaser? Glaser, Glaser and Glazer. Glaser, Glaser and Glazer. This is some major Glazer! (Not to be confused with Major Lazer.)

Ilana Glaser was nominated for an Emmy on Conan. Jon Glazer made a raunchy feminist web series into a smash hit TV show. Eliot Glaser can sing. Glaser Glazer is Glasazer. Man, what am I doing right now? I don’t even know names any more!

Wait. What is my name? I am John. John Glaser? I am John Glaser. No, but John Glaser and Jon Glaser are two different people. We are not the same. Jon and John love to laugh. They love jokes. John and Jon. Jon and Jon. Jon is Jon. Jon.

Jon Glaser here: I’m going to be doing this fun singing show at the Bell House in a couple weeks. It’s part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival and is happening on September 17 at 9 p.m. Tickets are $20 and you can get them, along with more info about the show, on the Bell House’s website. Oh and here’s a kookie coincidence: all the performers on the show are named either Glaser or Glazer. Isn’t that fun? Anyway, see you there!