(Flyer via "Adventures of Drunky"/ Augenblick Studios)

(Flyer via “Adventures of Drunky”/ Augenblick Studios)

Let’s be real, it’s been a sticky week. And since the frozen negroni machine has been broken at the Narrows for going on forever, you’re probably thinking, what’s the point of even leaving my fire-escape kiddie pool this weekend? There never is one, truth be told. But there’s something going down this weekend at Alphaville that could turn out to be the next best thing to soakin’ in a plastic tub filled with the champagne of public water and dribbles of your own pee.
The wacky people behind Adventures of Drunky are throwing a big ol’ Drunk Punk Party. To refreshing your memory: Adventures of Drunky is the imminent adult animated feature film we told you about earlier this month– the one about a wino tasked with saving the universe from peril when God (Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development) and the Devil (Steve friggin Coogan) decide to go Rambo on the world to see who’s got the biggest organ of divine creation.
Augenblick Studios (the twisted Brooklyn-based animators behind Superjail! and Wonder Showzen) have been working on this thing for the last three years and can already boast an impressive cast including Tyler the Creator, Sam Rockwell as Drunky, Nina Arianda, and Dave Attell. But they’ve still got a long ways to go with the animation part. Hence the festivities, which happen to coincide with the last few hours of the creators’ Indiegogo campaign, part of their effort to overthrow the big Hollywood lame-os who’ve been holding them back from making anything other than a “princess movie about toys.”
Jeffrey Tambor is the voice of God (Image courtesy of Augenblick Studios)

Jeffrey Tambor is the voice of God (Image courtesy of Augenblick Studios)

As Aaron Augenblick sees it, bypassing the big guns to make animated movies that actual adult people wanna see (as opposed to suffering through Pixar films with rubbery CGI, flimsy story lines, demure yet somehow still creepy sexual innuendos, rampant sexism, and a storyline that makes you wanna suck your brain out with a vacuum) just might be the democratic movie making wave of the future. “To be able to take the artistic choices away from number crunchers and put them in the hands of fans is going to be a big shift,” he said. “There’s going to be a sea change in the way that you see movies being made.” Gee, we hope so.
But a good way to judge if our future is worth living is to attend the daytime booze deluge happening at Alphaville. The fun begins promptly at 2 pm on Saturday, June 26 and goes until 7 pm with drink specials, live music, giveaways, a best-of Augenblick animation reel, sparkly cast members, plus two local comics– Randy Pearlstein and Jared Warner. Some super secret guests will be in attendance, too. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door, and the organizers say all the money’s going right to the movie.
The lineup leans heavy toward local garage bands and is definitely fit for a real cool time. The latest addition to the bill was just announced today: The Due Diligence, known for their twangy “anti-folk” garage tunes with perfect hooks and sway-inducing banter, played a sold-out show at Shea Stadium last night. The Othermen, on the other hand, really know how to handle an organ to make a very different kind of “manic garage trash.” It ends up sounding something like a voodoo-spiked version of the “Monster Mash” played through speakers on a merry-go-round that’s bewitched and twisting at 80 mph or something.
Still from "Adventures of Drunky" (Image courtesy of Augenblick Studios)

Still from “Adventures of Drunky” (Image courtesy of Augenblick Studios)

Surfbort are a little sludgier than their colleagues, thanks to their languid dope-rock edge– perfect for when you need a moment to turn into a beached whale and go belly-up from all the cheap beer you’ve consumed. Trust, it’ll be fine, just tell you friends that you’ll recover just like goldfish do after they wake from their surface nap.
And with, Beechwood attendees can squint their eyes and pretend they’re watching the ghosts of the Asheton brothers levitating on stage, while Sweet Baby Jesus will encourage you to throw all considerations for politeness and decency to the wind by way of their stripped-down slacker rock.
But honestly, this party had me at the drinks. With names like “Ass Puke” (tequila, orange juice, and Tabasco– yum!) and “Herpes Slurpee” (recipe’s still up in the air– either a marg or piña colada with Pop Rocks), it’s hard to imagine how anyone could resist. And tbh how could “Garbage Fries” with melted American cheese, bacon, sour cream, jalapeños, and scallions not be divine? Everything’s priced at $5, too, so you’ll be paying only for quality and not the poetic monikers, which you get to hold onto just for showing up. Let’s send those minions straight to Hades and party like the Devil intended– hell, maybe even Coogan himself will make an appearance.