Okay, that headline was a blatant SEO ploy, but it’s not totally untrue. Williamsburg’s steadily upscaling Grand Street strip got an anachronistic addition today, as Berhardt’s Bail Bonds opened up right between the newish “slow fashion” boutique and the newish yoga studio. A sign that the neighborhood is turning now that the L-pocalypse is upon it? Not quite. Nor is this the usual hipster retrostyling. Instead, it’s a set for Sneaky Pete, a new Amazon series filming in the neighborhood Wednesday.
According to Deadline, Bryan Cranston co-wrote the pilot about a con man (Giovanni Ribisi) who leaves prison, assumes his cellmate’s identity to hide from the mob,  and gets involved in the family bail bond business. Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, The Goldbergs) directed the pilot, which was based on a story co-written by Bryan Cranston and featured a guest appearance from the Breaking Bad star.
Will the series actually be set in Williamsburg? Who knows. The area code on the sign is a Connecticut one.