It was nearly three years ago that Adam Green told us about his plans to do a papier-mâché remake of Aladdin with himself as “Prince Average Cabbage”: “Macaulay Culkin will play a leader of a rebel group, Alia Shawkat is gonna play my sister and I think Natasha Lyonne is going to play my mom,” he said. “And my hope is to get Benicio del Toro to play the genie, but I don’t know him, so, I don’t know.”

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From the trailer, it looks like he didn’t get Benicio, but he did score some other big names: Andrew Van Wyngarden of MGMT plays the Guardian of the Lamp, Francesco Clemente is the genie, Har Mar Superstar is a druggie who helps the prince spend 30,000 space bucks on cocaine, and Zoe Kravitz is a redneck who demands an asparagus chair. (This is a world of 3D-printed ecstasy, after all.) And that’s just the start of it: also in the mix are Leo Fitzpatrick, Sophia Lamar, and many more.

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Needless to say, this follow-up to Green’s surreal, ketamine-infused film The Wrong Ferrari is going to be a trip, and The Hole, a gallery not far from Green’s East Village home, is going all-out by screening it alongside some of the movie’s colorful, cartoonish backdrops and papier-mâché sculptures (including a Ferrari!). At the opening of “Adam Green: Aladdin” this Thursday, you’ll actually be able to walk around in two of the sets used when the film was shot in a Red Hook warehouse last summer, so pack a selfie stick.

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Oh, the film also features music by Green— last week, he released a video for “Nature of the Clown,” featuring clips of a papier-mâché orgy (a harkening back to when he was in a thruple with the Shining Twins), a scene where Culkin commands his Magical Americans rebel group, and a cameo by Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl. Green and a full band will be playing tunes from the film at Baby’s All Right on April 19 before going off to tour Europe.

Of course, the main attraction here is the 82-minute film, so make sure to lock down tickets via the link below (an April 6 screening at Anthology Film Archives is already sold out). After the Hole show opens Thursday, the 7 p.m. screenings run Friday through next Wednesday.

If you’d rather wait and watch the film in Brooklyn (“I only take cocaine to go to Brooklyn!” sayeth the prince), there’ll be a screening, followed by a Q&A, at Nitehawk at midnight on Saturday, April 9.

“Adam Green: Aladdin” at The Hole, 312 Bowery, East Village, opens Thursday, April 7 from 6 to 9 p.m., screenings Friday, April 8 through Wednesday, April 13 at 7 p.m.; tickets $10.

Adam Green at Baby’s All Right, Williamsburg, April 19 at 8 p.m., tickets $17.

“Adam Green’s Aladdin” at Nitehawk Cinema, April 9 at 12:15 a.m., tickets $15.