Things turned pretty sour at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the Democratic Debate last night, but don’t worry — the Mast Brothers are gonna sweeten everything up. The bearded brothers have announced that they’re joining Russ & Daughters in opening a production facility in the Navy Yard’s massive new Green Manufacturing Center. 

So what do the hirsute gourmands have planned for their new chocolate factory? Rest assured, it’s Willy Wonka-worthy: a “chocolate brewery.” That’s right, in addition to churning out the candy bars sold at their Williamsburg shop, the factory will be brewing, bottling, and kegging the brand’s (non-alcoholic) chocolate beer.

Mast’s reputation was somewhat tarnished late last year when it came to light that the brothers had mixed industrial chocolate into their “bean-to-bar” product while they were getting their company off the ground. But this should win them back some fans: they’re launching a M.A.S.T. (Math, Art, Science, Techonology) program that will invite local grade-schoolers into the facility for tours and other programs. Plus, the factory will double Mast’s current workforce of about 75 people.

Rick Mast, who founded the company with his brother Michael, said in a press release that it was “a dream come true” to “have the chance to create many more delicious jobs.”