La Churreria's Valentine's churros. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

La Churreria’s Valentine’s churros. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Nine months after it closed without warning, La Churreria is back and frying up dat dough, do. So now you can not only eat soft-serve ice cream out of a churro cone at Chikalicious Dessert Club in the East Village, but you can once again eat them out of a parfait cup in Nolita.

You’ll recall that La Churreria, the takeout wing of Socarrat, closed last July, announcing that it would be “launching a new concept.” For better or worse (I’m’a say better), that never really happened– things look as adorable as ever inside the narrow, tiled nook of a cafe. An employee said the months-long closure was just for maintenance, due to some water-supply issues, and the place is still owned by Lolo Manso, who recently parted ways with La Nacional.

That said, there is a slightly different menu of sandwiches and churro cups, those curious concoctions consisting of churros dunked into “dessert cups” full of ingredients like ganache, mango or banana puree, and strawberry compote.

Tostadas and empanadas are now also in the mix. But what’s important here is that the menu still offers churros con chocolate, a Spanish treat that’s all too hard to come by in this city (sorry, subway churros and that bottle of Bosco you carry around in your parka don’t count).

Check out the new offerings below.