download (1)OMG OMG OMG. The creators of Full House! The Musical! and Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical! may have outdone themselves(!). Today they announced their new one, a Kardashian-themed take on Cats. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but will it be better than Kim’s sex tape?

Katdashians: Break the Musical might have an awkward af title, but this “story of a clan of internet famous cats torn apart by Fame, Family, and Friskies” promises to be the most delightfully surreal take on a Kardashian since, well, David Schwimmer played Daddy Robert. Just read the promo copy for the sneak peek coming to Theatre 80, May 31 through June 3.

What will the Katdashians eat today?
Can Katye West save Kim Katdashian?
Who will go to the Heavyside Spa?
Why is there a Kourtney Katdashian?
Does Khloe Katdashian dump Lamar Odom?
What happened to Rob Katdashian?
Will Catlyn Jenner be accepted by the Katdashians?

Katdashians! includes book, music, lyrics by Bob and Tobly McSmith (Bayside! The Musical!; Full House! The Musical!) who will have audiences losing their minds over instant hits like “Keeping Up (with the Katdashians)”; “Kim M*therf*cking Katdashian!”; “Bruce Jenner (He’s a Man’s Man)”; “The Selfie Song (Prelude)”, “The Selfie Song”; “The Selfie Song Reprise”; “Dash! It’s a Store That We Own!”; “Memory” – Sung by Katlyn Jenner; and “KATYE WEST IS GOD (OF KIM)”

The cast features Bailey Catherine Nolan as Kris Katdashian, Viva Soudan as Khloe Katdashian, Bob McSmith as Rob Katdashian, and additional casting to be announced.

Kat-ye West? Oh man, Kanye is going to flip. And don’t dismiss this just because directors Bob and Tobly McSmith previously did a super-raunchy Showgirls parody and this one is being produced by National Lampoon– another producer is David Galpern, who produced a legit Canadian revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. Hopefully he has some leftover costumes and a good lawyer.

Tickets ($25 to $45) are available here.