(Photo: Youngna Park)

(Photo: Youngna Park)

It’s the final countdown.

Update your calendars if you’re planning to raid Trash & Vaudeville’s St. Marks Place location one last time before it leaves its home of over 40 years. The closing date has been moved up to this Sunday.

With a “Hey Ho Lets Go,” the store announced last week that its last day before relocating would be Monday, Feb. 29, but we’re now told that’s been changed to Feb. 28. The reopening at 96 East 7th Street, near First Avenue, is still slated for early March.

Facebook commenters met last week’s news with a mix of “punk’s not dead” and “It just WON’T BE St. Marks without you guys!”

Rick Freedman, who worked at the store in the late ’70s, wrote that he “sold stuff to Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, The Cars (before their first album was released; they came in and told Rise Kimbrough and I that ‘they were going to be huge’,) Klaus Nomi begged us to put the flyer for his first NY gig in the window. Thunders, Nolan, Sid Vicious, Billy Idol, and every punk rocker in NY wandered through.”

Feb. 28 is also the final day for another bastion of East Village glam, Patricia Field, which will not be relocating and indeed has started selling off its mannequins.