(Shanna Ravindra for NY Magazine)

(Shanna Ravindra for NY Magazine)

The St. Mark’s Bookshop isn’t the only East Village institution that’s been liquidating its stock while an uncertain end date looms. Patricia Field, who just turned 75 last week, announced back in December that she would close her Bowery boutique at some point before the spring, and then announced a 50-percent off sale as she prepared to shutter “around the end of February- mid March 2016.”

Now we have a date: “Come shop before we close our doors on the 28th of February,” the store just posted on Facebook.

In the meantime, the Sex and the City designer and club-kid matron has set up an “art fashion gallery” consisting of one-of-a-kind, out-there pieces by Scooter LaForge, Jody Morlock, and others.

LaForge, who met Field around eight years ago, told us why everyone he knows “loves going in” to the store: “Women, men, straight, gay, there’s just something in that store for everybody and the store has amazing little handbag clutches and cool t-shirts. It’s an amazing kind of bazaar. I’ve been to all the major cities in the world, I’ve never seen a store like that.”

You’ve got two more weeks to take advantage of it.

Additional reporting by Kavitha Surana.