Ilwys_coverIf you’re in the Lower East Side tomorrow don’t be surprised if you come across roaming packs of rabid fans suffering from raging crushes. Twitter tells us that British emo rock-pop sensation The 1975 is staging a pop-up gallery somewhere in the nabe to inaugurate their new album, artfully titled I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of itThey’ll present the album’s artwork and music, as well as a few “surprises.”

If you didn’t catch them on SNL earlier this month and you aren’t already clutching tickets to their upcoming Barclays show, you may not be familiar with The 1975. Pitchfork describes their sound as “trustafarian street poet.” With songs like “UGH!” “Please be naked” and “The ballad of me and my brain” (plus a frontman with a dreamy accent and an eye-rolling habit that caught the attention of Todd Barry) they’re like an edgier boy band, the anti-hero of One Direction.

Judging by fan reactions, we can expect an influx of lovelorn teens tomorrow – except the band didn’t release the location of the pop-up yet, causing a bit of Twitter uproar among diehards. On the off-chance you’re nostalgic for your Jimmy Eat World days, we’ll update as soon as we find out the location. Until then, here are some of the reactions:

Many pointed out that “the Lower East Side” isn’t exactly a place:

Some heaped on the sarcasm

Or took the challenge in earnest:

Mostly, people were freaking out:

Some even resorted to (not-so) subtle threats:

Does anyone have any intel for these poor souls??

While they may be roaming the LES tomorrow, at least they’re lucky enough to get the chance: