When we last checked in with Kay Kasparhauser, frontwoman of The Prettiots, she told us, “I’m a city girl so I need to wear a shoe on my head and play ukulele.” But she also seemed pretty over the NYC scene. “How many nights have I spent in the basement of some Lower East Side venue or bar trying to look cute? I’m jaded, and I sound like an old lady, but I’d much rather go home and watch Law and Order by myself.” So it’s no surprise that a) a song off the new Prettiots album, Funs Cool, is an ode to Law and Order detective Elliot Stabler, and b) the band’s latest song is about what every jaded New Yorker seems to be doing these days: moving to LA.

But don’t let the dreamy images of the Venice boardwalk fool you— stay tuned till the end of the newly released “Move to LA” video and you’ll see this isn’t their musical Leaving New York essay. Kay’s Brooklyn shirt hints that they’re still toughing it out here. In fact, there’s a release party for the new album at Alphaville at 8 p.m. tomorrow.