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Consider the doughnut: a simple, workaday way to fight your case of the Mondays. Or so you thought. Behold: the gold-smothered donut out of Manila Social Club. Its dough is filled with purple-yam mousse and champagne jelly, complemented by the honey notes of Cristal in the 24k gold frosting. Head Chef Björn DelaCruz will even hand-deliver it to you, he told First We Feast. But it doesn’t look like anyone is tweeting him their order. Here’s how the internet is reacting, today, to the Williamsburg restaurant’s uncharacteristic descent into Dubai-worthy decadence.

Some predicted Williamsburg may have finally outdone itself:

Maybe our Mayor should step in?

Of course, someone had to be worried about the health implications:

Others gave some wise advice for another deluxe pastry chef known for excess – is this the beginning of the doughnut wars?:

But, after all, we are New Yorkers…we can’t help wanting what we can’t have. Which means Manila Social’s extreme extravagance may be just the right strategy to get people scrambling for a lick of that golden ticket:

If you get a hold of one, we’re waiting for the reviews.