(Flyer via Citizen Blast Kane / Facebook)

(Flyer via Citizen Blast Kane / Facebook)

Yin Yangs, Sexy Neighbors, Citizen Blast Kane, World’s Greatest
Friday, Jan. 15, 8 pm at Shea Stadium: $10
The Yin Yangs were busy bees in 2015– what with dropping their new album (they premiered the track “21st century” on B+B over the summer), playing loads and loads of shows, and lending some of their members to the indie film They Read By Night (a veritable who’s-who of one particular sect of the Bushwick DIY scene). So if you haven’t had a chance to see their bass-driven guttural noise punk in person, here’s a wonderful opportunity.

To sweeten the deal, Shea also locked down the likes of Sexy Neighbors, who bear a remarkable resemblance to Television (which I already told y’all about back when they played Trans-Pecos).

According to Facebook, Citizen Blast Kane is behind this excellent flyer you see here and, well, bravo. But after spending some brief time inspecting their output, it’s hard to understand if they’re a complete joke or just fond of trolling. Anyway, “Sandwich Time” says it all, which is that namely these guys are all about making fun of costume-wearing punks and assailing white boy privilege and entitlement. But if you can stomach their college-humor-style approach to poking at punk rawk– which is funny, and necessary for any medium whose practitioners sometimes take themselves way too seriously (though admittedly sometimes inspires simply on amused chuckle that’s more “ha… ugh” than “loll”)– then I’m guessing you like Weird Al or something, which is cool. Plenty of people like Weird Al.

(Flyer via Palisades/ Facebook)

(Flyer via Palisades/ Facebook)

Turnip King, Eyes of Love, Warcries, Peace Arrow
Thursday January 14, 8 pm at Palisades: $5

For a remarkably stoned-out, space-cased indie rock take on psych, Warcries is your band. Featuring Lani Combier-Kapel (drums, vocals), an NYC native who also plays in another Brooklyn-based band, Advaeta. While that band is a somewhat thrashier outfit with bits of shoegaze amidst a potent ’90s alternative rock vibe (think Placebo), Warcries forgoes those stiffier, pluckier ’90s riffs for fuzz and dry-mouth mayhem.

Peace Arrow describe themselves as “experimental pop,” which is accurate. But perhaps “twee” is a better description of their cutesy eclecticism. The band sometimes veers into children’s music territory– whistles, vibraphone, and bird chirps. It’s all very adorable, there’s no denying that. But there’s no ignoring the combination of Mitch Myers’s love-worn warble and his band’s talent for weaving a vast array of instrumental (and non-instrumental) sounds into a loose and free-wheeling, yet perfectly harmonized orchestral sound.

But what really makes the show worth leaving the confines of your apartment womb for a night is the distinct possibility of seeing headliners Turnip King (and their early-Flaming Lips brand of psych) perform their new Donald Trump song.

(From Technoself / via Alphaville)

(From Technoself / via Alphaville)

Deantoni Parks, Trust Image, Bergsonist, Plebeian
Thursday January 14, 8 pm at Alphaville: $10

Here’s your dark dance party for the week. As a percussionist, Deantoni Parks has worked alongside some legendary musicians including John Cale and Flying Lotus, contributing his maniacal beat conjuring powers. But the guy’s going it alone with Technoself, his choppy, electronic solo debut.

Trust Image is all about chopping up some of the more predictable sounds in electronic music, ripping them to shreds, and rearranging them into a mix of ambient, goth, and post-punk. The result is less an homage to the past, and more of a push toward the future: it’s party-worthy music that still maintains an avant-garde appeal.

Plebian is exactly the kind of techno producer (brought to you by Sweat Equity) we can get behind. His tracks are brooding slow-builders, that evoke the subtle edges of a nightmare.

Despite our predictions, Bergsonist was not imported from France, but is instead in Brooklyn by way of Slovakia. It’s a place where ye old drum and bass are still popular, and — in the cool spots, at least — has been relatively insulated from the damaging effects of dubstep (which, as we know, has very few not-completely-annoying characteristics all of which the genre owes to drum and bass). Bergsonist does an interesting thing and flips that Eastern European penchant for heavy sounds and lightens things up so much so that their sound can easily be mistaken for minimalism, that is until the wiry beats have reached their breaking point.

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A Wild Winter’s Weekend: Psychic TV, Collapsing Scenery, El Sandwich
Saturday January 24, 5 pm at Trans-Pecos: $20/ $5

There goes your weekend– Trans-Pecos is hosting a double-threat marathon of shows n’ after parties this weekend. The main draw? Why it’s the legendary avant-noise rock outfit featuring the inimitable Genesis P-Orridge, Psychic TV of course.

As residents of this here town, we’ve been rather blessed with many an opportunity to see Psychic TV in the last year or so, but show-goers of night #2 of this two-day fest will be treated with a rather rare display– Psychic TV will preform the film score, originally by Throbbing Gristle (Genesis’s other legendary band, of course), from Derek Jarman’s haunting experimental film In the Shadow of the Sun