(Photo: DC Comics)

(Photo: DC Comics)

Today, DC Comics announced it would be giving beloved Hanna-Barbera characters a fresh makeover and modernizing classic characters such as the Flintstones, Johnny Quest, and, of course, the hardy Scooby gang. Apparently, this also means turning mellow icon and Scooby-BFF Shaggy into a full-blown hipster, complete with sleeve tattoos, a trendy messenger bag, and a handlebar moustache proud enough to make any artisanal vegan-latte pop-up owner cry with envy.

When the gang’s new look hit the Internet, the Twittersphere seemed certain that Shaggy had taken up residence in Brooklyn.

Others wondered what may be concealed in that handy messenger bag:

And others weren’t very impressed at all:

At the end of the day, the reaction seems to be exactly what DC Comics artist Jim Lee was looking for. When asked by Entertainment Weekly what he hoped the reaction to the revamped characters would be, Lee replied: “Outrage!” With that beard, hipster Shaggy will certainly provide more than enough of that.