(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The East Village will have to wait a little longer for 4DX, but at least there’s this: the AMC on Third Avenue has majorly upped its game with reclining leather seats. I saw Joy there over the holidays and for reasons completely unrelated to David O. Russell, it was a joy indeed.

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The AMC Village 7 has always been one of the neighborhood’s frumpier theaters, but its lobby, hallways and bathrooms have undergone some pretty impressive renovations and it’s safe to say we’ll never say “ugh, but it’s playing at that theater” again. To go with the glorified La-Z-Boys, there are two gleaming Coca-Cola Freestyle machines that let you concoct your frankenbeverage of choice.


Of course, there are downsides: at $15.99, a reclining seat is about a buck pricier than a regular one, and with less seats in the theater movies will sell out faster. Also, it probably wouldn’t feel right to kick your feet up and watch a guy who just got mauled by a bear drag his limp body through the woods. But for Sisters? We’ll be supine, no doubt.

Reserved seating is coming soon. If the AMC on 84th Street is any indicator, that’ll bring the ticket price up to $19.84 with online-purchase fee. Take that, Zurich and Geneva!