Our favorite show of the millennium, The Bedford Stop has released a new clip (via Gothamist) and it’s imperative you drop whatever it is that you’re doing and see it. Because clearly, there’s nothing more “relevant” out there. As Alex told us over cocktails at Café Colette back in November, “Williamsburg is extremely relevant, the things we do are extremely relevant, and why not broadcast that if we have someone who’s willing and has the connections to do it?”
The fact that a reality show about brunching in Brooklyn now exists is clear indication that we’ve reached the Golden Age of Not-on-Television Television, which can only mean it’s all down hill from here, baby.

Since we met Olena and Alex, perhaps the boldest blondes on YouTube, back in November, the “reality show about Brooklyn girls avoiding reality” ran into copyright trubz related to the music they used in some of their videos. Woopsies! Some of the videos disappeared from the net, leaving us with precipitously less to chew on. If you think about it, since the show is a show about nothing, it was as if we were left to munch on those creepy zero-calorie noodles, which isn’t really munching at all. But The Bedford Stop wouldn’t have it any other way.
Still, the internet continued to ripple with responses to the show, even ye olde grandfather clock (er, the New York Times) ran a bit on this Seinfeld for the gilded new Williamsburg crowd. Then came The Lorimer Stop, the parody by Condé Nast Entertainment, spotlighting what everyone knows is Williamsburg’s proletarian subway stop. Psh. There were whispers of activity– a clip of Olena visiting a goat farm to take selfies with the ugly little creatures– but we were actually beginning to worry.
But in the past few days, Producer Mikey Ortiz has been reposting some of the old videos (the beloved pilot is back, people!). And as of today, he’s got a brand new clip out and need we say it’s just golden. There are far too many perfect moments to name, but basically the girls go to a Brooklyn Nets game to take Snapchat selfies and drink lots and lots of overpriced white wine out of plastic receptacles. They get a text from a friend inviting them to a party. “Some guy ‘Rick Ross’ is playing at this suite?” Olena looks at Alex quizzically. “You don’t know who Rick Ross is?” Alex guffaws.
We won’t spoil the rest, but there is one potential game changer. Olena scrolls through the various photo filters on her phone, “Why does Old Navy have a filter?” she exclaims. “Fuck Old Navy!” Wait… could this mean a newfound anti-consumerism is stirring in Olena’s loins? Have we happened on conclusive evidence that The Bedford Stop is really agit-prop created by secret Trotskyites for the sole purpose of inspiring the People to Revolution? Will Williamsburg be the first neighborhood to fall? Only time will tell.