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(Brooklyn Bread Lab)

While you’re busy grinding your own coffee, why not give the same treatment to your grains?

Ok, maybe it’s not as feasible to buy your own mill, but now you can head to the Brooklyn Bread Lab pop-up, opening its doors today at 201 Moore Street in Bushwick, to indulge in some premium wheat — if you’re not celiac or gluten-ascetic, that is.

The shop, which will run Wednesdays through Sundays into the spring, has a 7,000-pound electric stone mill that will be crushing up warthog wheat berries from Castle Valley Mill to use for fresh breads, pizza al taglio, and pastries, like pumpkin-bread donuts.

The Lab also offers classes in January ($75-$95) to teach those necessary basics of bread, pasta and pizza production. Eventually, they might even let you buy some of their flour to take home for your next gourmet pizza party. 


Chef Adam Leonti (Brooklyn Bread Lab)

The Bread Lab also offers a sneak peak into what the Williamsburg Hotel will offer when it opens at Wythe and North 10th street in Williamsburg in the spring. (No opening date set yet, but we can’t wait to get a good look at that water-tower bar.) Chef Adam Leonti, previously of Philadelphia’s Vetri restaurant, is working on the concept for the Williamsburg Hotel’s restaurant and the Bread Lab is his chance to experiment with the menu. 

No word yet on what Leonti’s restaurant will look like, but we think it’s safe to put our money on Italian.