(Photo: @frontrose on Instagram)

(Photo: @frontrose on Instagram)

Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, uber Upper West Siders, ventured across the river this past Friday to say “Oh, hello” to everyone at “Comedy Central Live in Brooklyn.”

“This is that hipster neighborhood I’ve been hearing all about,” carped St. Geegland (played by John Mulaney), addressing the packed house at the Kings Theatre in Flatbush.

“Brooklyn!” said Faizon (Nick Kroll). “The land where white girls in floppy hats rent apartments from Orthodox Jews.”

Apparently the pair of tunatini-swilling (or is martuna-swilling?) pranksters recently moved from 74th and Amsterdam to 73rd and Columbus (and yet they’re somehow making UCB appearances in Los Angeles). Next month, they’ll be slumming it downtown for the off-Broadway offshoot of the Kroll Show sensation, “Oh, Hello.” The 70-minute show runs December 1 to 20 at the Cherry Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village. Tickets, we’re sorry to say, are sold out, and are going for as much as $700 on Stubhub. But those who showed up for the New York Comedy Festival show on Friday were treated to a preview of sorts.

The turtlenecked duo tried their best to connect with the young crowd, insisting that it was 1986 all over again, since “ki-kaine” is back and everyone is rooting for the Mets. But St. Geegland lamented, “These young people might not relate to people our age.”

To remedy that, they name-dropped their old friend Bernard.

No, not Bernie Goetz, though the two supposedly did once pen a “non-musical drama” titled Bernie Goetz You Gun.

They were talking about their old friend Bernard Sanders. “He goes by Bernie Sanders, so he can sound young and cool,” Faizon explained.

“Fucking Bernard Sanders is running for president?” St. Geegland marveled. “Of what, the Dandruff on Blazers society?”

Apparently, back in Vermont, they were in a political action group with Sanders. The Burlington Three, as it was called, was “responsible for the destruction of the original Burlington Coat Factory.” Faizon also confessed to being a central figure in the Occupy Wallgreens movement: “I’m so sick of the 1%, you know? I want whole milk.”

At the end of the set, the duo brought out a box containing a gift for a lucky audience member. Do we even have to tell you what it was?