Even before we met the creators of “The Bedford Stop,” it was pretty clear that the online reality show about a group of millennials YOLO-ing their way through life in Williamsburg was basically spoof-proof. But here it is, anyway: the self-described “parody of that show you thought was a parody.” Condé Nast Entertainment has just released “The Lorimer Stop.”

As you’d expect from the folks who launched Lucky magazine, the bit does get the couture down to some degree. Off-the-rack biker jackets? Check. Giant lattes as fashion accessories? Check. But the sunglasses could use some work: it’s not a brunch bunch without aviators. And upchucky handbags with gold chains.

According to an email from Jennifer L. Press, Condé Nast Entertainment’s Head of Digital Video Communications, the skit’s creators, Kelly Bales and Nicole Dellert, “are millennials too – and they realize they are part of the problem. They made this film to show they really are self-aware – and would never act like this in real life. Probably.”